Receiving the Best Inspiration Award 2023


Kalki Subramaniam with the Best Inspiration Award from Rathinam Institutions, Coimbatore.

Kalki Subramaniam with the Best Inspiration Award

On March 8th, International Women’s Day 2023, I received the Best Inspiration Award from Rathinam Group of Institutions, Coimbatore.What makes me an inspiration for so many people? I don’t know really, but I do know that I live with a purpose. A purpose to bring changes in the lives of people like me, in families, at academic institutions, in public, at hospitals, at workplaces, in sports, in government, in media and other places where transgender people’s representation needs to be equal, visible and respectable in India.

I am a single unmarried transgender woman, I have my own strengths and insecurities, yet I am hopeful, I try to live everyday happily, creating a change wherever I go, wherever I am invited to. I own a scooty and don’t have a car, materialistic things don’t fulfill me but people do. I am defined by how I am felt. My life itself is like an abstract painting and I carefully and meticulously painted it. I see it is as beautiful artwork now.

For cis-women – your womanhood is bestowed on you at birth, for me a Transwoman I fought against all odds to embrace the identity of womanhood, of being a woman. I am the one who knows its true worth. I carved my life, my destiny. And I cherish it, I celebrate it. Happy Women’s Day, today and everyday!

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