“Art has healed my wounds from the past
and made me blossom into a new person” says Kalki.

Kalki Subramaniam

“I am very passionate about art. During my childhood I escaped from the difficulties and inner turmoils and use to go to forests and parks to escape and hide from people. The pen, paper and paint brush were my solace. They were my soulmates in childhood” says Kalki.

Her debut art exhibition named ‘Piece by piece’ opened first in Trivandrum then in Coimbatore. All of her artworks were sold out. 40% of the funds raised through sale of the artworks were donated by her to the young and needy transgender persons for pursuing their education.


The digital artworks of Kalki, a tribute to Sridevi.

All the following works of art are available to purchase, they are stretched and ready to be shipped. If interested to buy a work of art.

Kalki paints mostly with palette knife and few of her artworks have been with brushworks. Her favourite are acrylic fluorescent paints. Most of her artworks can be catgorieed as pop art, she also mixes pop art and cubism in her works. Her artworks have been bought by art collectors in USA, Canada and Europe.

Here is a list of her previous art exhibitions:

  • June 2016 – Piece by Piece, Alliance Francaise Trivandrum
  • July 2016 – Piece by Piece, Arthouz, Coimbatore
  • October 2018 – Mohini, Arthouz, Coimbatore
  • June 2019 – Maya by Kalki, The Manor, Amsterdam
  • November 2019 – Diva – digital artworks of Sridevi, The Promenade, Puducherry

In 2008, she found the Sahodari Foundation and initiated the Transhearts project, through which she teaches and motivates transgender people to pursue art and creativity for livelihood. More than a hundred transgender people have participated in her art training sessions and around 40 of their artworks have been sold.

Kalki promotes the community’s artworks through her travelling exhibitions. During her visit to Toronto in Canada, she exhibited Trans/hearts artworks along with her own creations with the help of Canada Tamil Sangam.

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