Honored at Canada Tamil Sangam, Toronto

What an honor I received from the Canada Tamil Sangam from Toronto, after my participation in the Global conference on LGBT human rights and inclusive development which happened in Vancouver, I was invited by the Canada Tamil Sangam and it’s founder Valli kannan to speak about my journey as an activist, artist and and my work for the LGBT community in India. Vallikaanan anna and his wife Parvathy are long time friends of mine. Back in 2012, he invited me to Toronto but I couldn’t make it. This time it was just perfect for a visit and an action of change.


They landed in Toronto I had a warm reception by Valllikannan who drove me directly to his home to meet his wife and two lovely daughters. So long and sweet I immediately became a part of the family.


The next day the Canada Tamil sangam had arranged for a tribute program for Dr. Kalaignar where I read a poetry of mine praising Dr. Kalaignar’s amazing contribution towards social justice in Tamilnadu. I met many great personalities in the tribute program, became acquainted and learned a lot about Kalaignar through their speeches.


The third day my special address, screening of my Vasu poetry films and exhibition of some of Sahodari Foundation TRANS/HEARTS artworks. The reception was great and I spoke for almost an hour. The audience bear hundred percent attentive and didn’t even get up for a moment for more than an hour. What I spoke in my special address was more than about my journey. It was about how human courage can transform lives, it was about how family acceptance and love can transform a child’s life into greatness and excellence, it was a calling for human understanding and respect for everyone in spite of their gender and sexuality.

My speech moved the audience and I saw more than two people wiping their tears. I spoke from the heart and it had touched the listeners. For the past 10 years love and kindness is the message I have been spreading in India and trying to spread it around the world. Every human being needs to be heard, respected and acknowledge that space to live, to express freely and be free to be themselves in this world. I was felicitated with so much love and respect. My poetry films ‘Vadu’ and the artworks by me and www.sahodari.org were so much liked by people.

Every person who participated in the meeting showed so much concern and care for translives. I have a long list of names to acknowledge but I am afraid I will miss someone. So here is my sincere thanks to all who graced the event and spend their time listening and sharing.


I can’t thank Vallikaanan anna and his sweet wonderful Parvathy enough, with all my love overflowing from my heart, I thank them for the great hospitality and care. My mission to sensitize, share, learn, open hearts, instigate kindness, spread compassion was accomplished. I thanks the power of the universe and matrix which brought me here. Great many friendships have been established. The world has become one for me and all my family ❤️🙏💐.

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