When artists, painters and poets come together….

When artists, painters and poets come together to celebrate Frida Kahlo, its like her life – joyous, beautiful and so much drama.

There are few artists who defy time and space across centuries and have inspired millions of people across continents and cultures. Frida Kahlo is one of those legends who was way ahead of her time.


I know that all artists want to talk about their role models, men, women and gender non binary persons who made a huge difference just by being themselves. Who wouldn’t want to talk about Frida? She is an iconic woman who is a shining role model for many women, men, lgbtqi community and people who may identify as feminists, communists, artists, writers, poets, story tellers, revolutionists, activists or who ever. There is a little Frida in every woman. She is an embodiment of original style and her life itself is a beautiful poetry still sad.


I hate winter blues but to keep it sunny and bright you need to speak about colors, about art. You need people who bring that beauty. I invited some of my friends for a live evening for a Facebook Room event, wonder women who love different aspects and shades of Frida. I invited them for a round table talk to share their thoughts on Frida in an evening of togetherness.

I wanted it to be a Zoom event but since Facebook has a wider reach directly, I decided to do it on Facebook rooms. After half an hour of immense technical struggle, we finally made it to the live.


Here is the interesting video for all of you who are interested in the conversations. The participanting guests of the evening were Jill Navarre who is the Director of Auroville Theater Group, Art Curator Bridget Paul Shibu, Poet and Columnist Srividya Sivakumat, Artist Simran Kaur Wahan, Scholar and Artist Laura Sherwood and Artist Veena Sanoj. It was such a joyous experience for me to moderate the round table talk.

It was an interesting event with each speaker sharing their experiences and thoughts, love and admiration they have for Frida Kahlo. Here are some of the interesting quotes from the conversations:


“Frida is a legend who is recognized worldwide, artists and scholars have high regard for her” – Laura Sherwood


“Frida comforts me… The more you read about her, the more energy you get to move on with life” – Simran Kaur Wahan


“To many women in the arts, she is an inspiration, someone who defied art to create her own art, … her own light in the world” – Jill Navarre


I admire that courage, that exuberance, that free spiritedness with which Frida Kahlo depicted her life” – Srividya Sivakumar


“Her artworks are so precious and surprisingly not even one work is owned in India, it is worth millions and Frida attracts the biggest art collectors of the world” – Bridget Paul Shibu


“Frida is a legend, a icon for LGBTQI community, differently abled people and for all women in all countries, her life itself was so much of an abstract art” – Kalki Subramaniam


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