Kalki’s most awaited book ‘We Are Not The Others’ is out in India and Worldwide. The book is a collection of poems, monologue, essays, real life conversations, art and illustrations by Kalki Subramaniam. Professor, author and poet Basudhara Roy in her review of the book says,

“Each piece of writing in We are Not the Others: Reflections of a Transgender Artivist deconstructs the idea of transgenders as Others by deconstructing cultural signification and offering an insider’s account of their dreams, desires, hopes, pain and suffering that are all too universal and all too human. Challenging the stereotyping of signifiers, these are pieces that vehemently bring home to us the fact that boy/girl/man/woman/first gender/second gender/third gender are hierarchical categories that we forcefully impose upon human experience with severe injustice and irreparable damage”.

Read the review of the book here.

The book is available on all Amazon websites, on flipkart and on multiple international book seller websites.

If you are in India, you can buy it directly from the publishing company Notion Press by clicking the link here.
Buy it on Amazon India by clicking the link here.
Buy it on by clicking the link here.

Here are the media articles about the book:
Hindustan Times article
The Hindu Newspaper article Article


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